Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Hawaii Vacation Quilt complete

Well, the quilt is actually finished and in Hawaii with the family
Ashlynn's Hawaii quilt   

Since Ashlynn was the motivation for the quilt, I used 'rainbow butterflies' (one of her favorite fabrics) to use for the back, it ties in all the colors used on the front.

this is the second time I used my 18~8 longarm quilt machine so I was a bit nervous, especially because it was all straight lines I used following the woven stripe design, yikes!!

I kept telling myself all mistakes would be forgiven because it was more for comforting a little girl than for anything else. She sat in the room the whole time I quilted it pretending to lead an orchestra,,,so funny!! Her waving knitting needle baton was a bit distracting, so that accounts for some of the wavy lines!

anyway, I'm sure she and the family will have some excellent memories for a lifetime and I can't wait to hear all about it


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  1. Lovin' your Lawn Chair quilt - and love that it's in Hawaii!