Monday, August 29, 2011

the Hawaii Vacation Quilt

This September, my oldest daughter and her family are going to Hawaii with her husband's parents! talk about lucky!! so they'll be gone for a few weeks which means I won't have my granddaughters' either (i watch them during the week) so this is going to be really different!  Well, I thought I'd make a vaca quilt for Ashlynn, because she might miss her MeMe (me!). I should make one for me too!!
Hawaiian print and sparkle sand white

      I'm using Happy Zombie's Lawn Chair pattern, it seemed appropriate for the occasion!
this is the layout for lawn chair pattern

                                                  It's really quick to cut out and sew!

I repurposed a quilt kit with the florals and Ashlynn picked out the sparkle sand white for the sashes, of course you have to have sparkles!!  Now I just have to put the top together and choose a back then we're done!!   I can't wait to see what she picks out for the back! 


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