Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FWSQA Catch Up

WoW! has this time ever gone by quickly, we have had seven birthdays, including mine, a holiday, vaca time with my girls and grandgirls, 3 weddings and 1~ 50 year anniversary since mid June! Yikes, but I can up date some farm wife news!

I chose to make the blocks according to the story order, so it feels like I'm wandering along on my own, but I usually do take the road less traveled!

I really feel a bit challenged by these little gems, but I will go on, as being a farm wife isn't always easy!! but it will be a rewarding ~xo~

here is the first one, what a challenge! Yikes!
the second one was much easier!
This one was hard for my to square up, oops!   

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