Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Hawaii Vacation Quilt complete

Well, the quilt is actually finished and in Hawaii with the family
Ashlynn's Hawaii quilt   

Since Ashlynn was the motivation for the quilt, I used 'rainbow butterflies' (one of her favorite fabrics) to use for the back, it ties in all the colors used on the front.

this is the second time I used my 18~8 longarm quilt machine so I was a bit nervous, especially because it was all straight lines I used following the woven stripe design, yikes!!

I kept telling myself all mistakes would be forgiven because it was more for comforting a little girl than for anything else. She sat in the room the whole time I quilted it pretending to lead an orchestra,,,so funny!! Her waving knitting needle baton was a bit distracting, so that accounts for some of the wavy lines!

anyway, I'm sure she and the family will have some excellent memories for a lifetime and I can't wait to hear all about it


Monday, August 29, 2011

the Hawaii Vacation Quilt

This September, my oldest daughter and her family are going to Hawaii with her husband's parents! talk about lucky!! so they'll be gone for a few weeks which means I won't have my granddaughters' either (i watch them during the week) so this is going to be really different!  Well, I thought I'd make a vaca quilt for Ashlynn, because she might miss her MeMe (me!). I should make one for me too!!
Hawaiian print and sparkle sand white

      I'm using Happy Zombie's Lawn Chair pattern, it seemed appropriate for the occasion!
this is the layout for lawn chair pattern

                                                  It's really quick to cut out and sew!

I repurposed a quilt kit with the florals and Ashlynn picked out the sparkle sand white for the sashes, of course you have to have sparkles!!  Now I just have to put the top together and choose a back then we're done!!   I can't wait to see what she picks out for the back! 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedding Weekend

i know this is my quilt blog, but this is why i didn't quilt this weekend~
this weekend, our friends got married and my middle granddaughter, Ashlynn, was the flower girl! she did so well, considering she was pretty bashful till a few months ago

she had a great time and the day was beautiful! the granddaughters were celebrating all evening and think the wedding was celebrating them~

                                                            love these little girls


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Color Wheel Charm Swap

Well, I am so happy! I was able to be a part of the Color Wheel Charm Swap! Kati, from,fromthebluechair  started this and it filled fast! I am looking forward to receiving the entire pack in September, and, until then, look for a great pattern to use them in. I have a tendency to love the kite and whirrly patterns.

Using Oh, Frannson tutorial on cutting the 5" charms by LuckyLou07 
Using Oh, Frannson tutorial on cutting the 5" charms
Thank goodness for the tutorial from Oh, Frannson! 
what a joy she is and to have this ready! 
This is the Red I chose

This is the Red~violet
Here they are all packaged, labeled and ready to go!!

                                                               Off to the post office!


Learning to Paper Piece

I am trying something new for me as I add to my FWSQAL

I am attempting to paper piece this next block, I heard it was easier to match the points and this one appears to have a load of them!
I haven't paper pieced before so this is a riot to learn, being a bit dyslexic
I have found some great tutorials so I'm hoping for the best~
I'll let you all know how it turns out, I may need some caffeine~ha

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FWSQA Catch Up

WoW! has this time ever gone by quickly, we have had seven birthdays, including mine, a holiday, vaca time with my girls and grandgirls, 3 weddings and 1~ 50 year anniversary since mid June! Yikes, but I can up date some farm wife news!

I chose to make the blocks according to the story order, so it feels like I'm wandering along on my own, but I usually do take the road less traveled!

I really feel a bit challenged by these little gems, but I will go on, as being a farm wife isn't always easy!! but it will be a rewarding ~xo~

here is the first one, what a challenge! Yikes!
the second one was much easier!
This one was hard for my to square up, oops!   

Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebration weekend

Fabulous Five for Ashlynn
Fabulous Five Celebrtion was the theme for my middle granddaughter's birthday! Ashlynn is our glamour girl, yet loves to play in dirt,,,looking for diamonds!! She wanted a rock star birthday with a Taylor Swift~Selena Gomez spin on it! She had a fun party with her preschool party girls and decorated guitars and  cupcakes, with alot of bling!

 Father's Day is Ashlynn's actual birthday, so the party continued all weekend, as a birthday should! So, no sewing yet but their only Fabulous Five once ~xox~